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The Dr. Botár Ügyvédi Iroda (“Dr. Botár Law Firm”), founded by Dr. Annamaria Botár attorney-at-law in 1999, is a full-service law firm, specialised in all areas of private law, notably civil law, commercial law, company law, insolvency/bankruptcy and liquidation, and labour law.

The Dr. Botár Law Firm is located in Haris Köz, at the heart of Budapest city centre. Although our team is a relatively small sized team, thanks to developing a strong and long-standing relationship with our clients, a thorough knowledge of the sector in which they operate and taking into account their own cultural background, we offer tailor-made solutions and legal service adapted to our clients’ needs.

Since its early days, the Dr. Botár Law Firm has specialised in offering all-inclusive legal service to Italian clients. The Dr. Botár Law Firm thrives to contribute to the development of Italian economic presence and investment in Hungary. Also, by working with methods that are particular to the Italian business environment or at least very similar to those used in Italy, the Dr. Botár Law Firm embraces a welcoming attitude so that clients feel comfortable and find their ways with ease in an otherwise foreign environment. Additionally, to the Italian clientele all advice and services are rendered directly in Italian, without relying on translators or interpreters.
The law firm as a member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary works for the promotion of the italian-hungarian business connections.

Corporate and Commercial Law
The Botár Law Firm offers services to companies as well as individuals wishing to start up economic activities in Hungary, whether by establishing new companies, by cooperating with already existing Hungarian companies or through purchasing of business shares.
At the same time, the Botár Law Firm helps and gives legal advice to companies already present on the Hungarian market relative to company law and corporate law, either foundation, modification, transformation of companies, liquidation or legal representation before the court of registration.

With extensive experience in the areas of insolvency and liquidation proceeding, Dr. Annamária Botár attorney-at-law represents clients in litigation, dispute settlements, as well as in arbitration proceedings. The Botár Law Firm undertakes to assist in debt collection, as well the preparation of the order for electronic warrant of payment and the preparation of the contradiction.

The Botár Law Firm undertakes the drafting, compilation of tenders, on-the-substance review of the tender to submit, the review of the process monitoring, continuous monitoring of tender invitation, and the liaison with the competent authorities.

Real Estate
The Dr. Botár Law Firm offers a comprehensive range of services regarding real estate.

In this area, Dr. Annamária Botár provides services, many of which in Italy could exclusively be offered by notaries. She advises clients, varying from businesses through real estate agencies to individuals, on matters such as residential lease, office, retail, industrial and other agreements.
She helps clients with the negotiation, preparation and execution of sales and acquisitions of real estate properties, focusing on the contractual framework which would be the most convenient and appropriate. The Dr. Botár Law Firmdraws up all types of documents related to real estate transactions and represents clients in the related administrative procedures (e.g. before the Land Office, Administrative Proceedings). Her many years of experience allow Dr. Annamária Botár to advise in and help with issues such as the state property privatization, division , and to elaborate strategies for the sales of real estate complexes.

Labour Law / Employment
The Dr. Botár Law Firm provides legal services both for companies and individuals in the area of labour law, including the drawing up of, modification as wells as the termination of employment agreements and other related documents.
The Dr. Botár Law Firm has extensive experience in handling employment litigation claims and offer skilled advocacy.

The law firm always adapts its service to the individual and special needs of its clients whether consultancy or dispute settlement, litigation. In cooperation with experts, the Dr. Botár Law Firm, provides legal advice in all parts of private law, and represents clients – both individuals and companies – before any arbitration or civil court, as well as in out of court judicial procedures.

The Dr. Botár Law Firm works with major organizations in Budapest – including the well known Karma Consulting Kft., which is specialised in giving corporate consultancy for Italian investors operating in Hungary. The Karma Consulting Kft. is the subsidiary of a reputable accountant and economic, investment consulting firm, the Studio Perissinotto Caracciolo & Associati operating in Northern Italy.